About Fumigation

The container fumigation is a technique used to control all types of pests or analogous organisms to prevent transfer of exotic organisms, wherein fumigants are used in a specific place or goods. The fumigants are chemicals with an exclusive nature of transforming in gaseous state when come across particular pressure and temperature, such a gaseous state of chemical is fatal for pests. There are several fumigants like Methyl Bromide and Aluminum Phosphide fumigation which are widely used in the fumigation process, whereas other fumigants which are used for fumigation include formaldehyde, Chloropicrin, Phosphate, sulfuryl fluoride, Dichloropropene, Methyl isocyanate, hydrogen cyanide, etc.

Where Fumigation pest control is used?

The Fumigation pest control technique is widely used for packing of goods to be exported by employing any of the techniques, either before stuffing of cargo is fumigated or after the completion of stuffing of cargo and closing the container. We as fumigation pest control service provider render both the services as per the customer requirement. Nevertheless fumigation after stuffing cargo is more effective, as the fumigants used for fumigation rotate all spaces in a container without leakage of gas, but it is limited to apply for the non edible products only.

There are several reasons that causes infestation in cargos are:

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