Silo Fumigation

Silo Fumigation

Silo is used to store varied types of grains, feed or legumes as it is a low cost and maintenance free solution to the reduction of internal temperature and humidity levels. It has Air intake vents, installed near the base of silos and is configured to enhance the passive airflow across the stored commodity for

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Marine Disinfestations

There are several oil and gas marine industries suffering from the invader like rodent, bedbugs, flies, irrespective of vessel or place which need to eradicate from the industries to ensure the safety. Additionally, boats or yachts stored on the ground or in the water have a threat of wood termites and powder post beetles, which

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commercial Fumigation

Commodity Fumigation

Rex Pest Control Ltd. can carry out fully professional fumigation services in Ahmedabad for your Indian property or business which will eradicate any type of flying or crawling insects within the premises, with maximum efficiency. We have experts in agro commodity fumigation specializing in conventional and advanced fumigation techniques for grain storage. Gujarat has given

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Mills Fumigation

Mills Fumigation

The mill is huge building where grinding, crushing or cutting of cereals and grains is achieved using milling machines, there are varied types of mills and machines used to process many types of raw materials where invader of the insects or pests is obvious, who can degrade the quality of the raw material. To prevent

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Warehouse Fumigation

Warehouses are used for storage of commodities or goods, which is a sensible place for the rodents and insect infestation that can cause damage to stored products in the warehouse and deteriorate the products. The damage to such products can lead to tarnish reputation of the brand, where warehouse fumigation comes out as the effective

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Ship Holds Fumigation

Ship holds are the space in the ships allocated for holding the packaged cargos, crates or unpackaged bulk cargos. Exporters focus on the cargos and crates to make it insects and pests free, and overlook ship holds, but in actually ship holds also need sanitization to ensure insects and pests free products. Ship holds also

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