Chemicals used for Termite Control

We are best Chemicals used for Terminate Control Service

In some cases they will attempt to organize a secondary colony to continue living inside the structure or they will attempt to find a new way out of the structure. This is very seldom successful for the “blind” subterranean termite workers. Usually, in the absence of moisture, they are simply trapped inside the wall, cannot organize a new colony and eventually dehydrate (dry up) and die. It is common in homes that have had chemical treatments performed to find thousands of dead termites in walls where the termites were trapped and could not get out and simply died due to lack of moisture.

We basically use chemicals like Bifen Insecticide, Prelude (Permethrin) , Taurus, Altriset, Premise 2 / Premise 75, Phantom (Chlofenapry), Bora Care (Sodium Borate) is used to control termites. Our service provides the chemical by applying liquid chemical as barrier to termites is outside foundations (slabs) and all pier and beam structures, patios, floating slabs, concrete expansion, porches, foaming inside wall plumbing penetrations and spot treat termite with a chemical liquid and bait the termite so that the premises or where termite treatment service is done will safe and healthy.

At Rex Pest Control we use Termidor – (Fipronyl) for termite control and it is most popular termiticide from the USA as chemicals used for termite control. Termidor gives 100% results and its effectiveness against termites is excellent which also provides termite colony elimination. Fipronyl is an active ingredient that kills termites and also has a transfer effect that is passed from worker termites to the colony. It is regarded as the most effective termite chemical available and used by almost all Pest Control companies. It is generally regarded as safe when properly applied.

Liquid Chemical used for termite control works by killing or repelling termites before they enter the structure. In some cases, when using a repellent chemical such as Talstar Professional (Bifenthin), the termites will avoid the chemical and stay away from it. If termites are present inside the structure and a repellent chemical is used, the termites will “back up” inside the walls to avoid it. 

Chemicals used for Termite Control
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