Commodity Fumigation

commercial Fumigation
Commodity fumigation service provider
Commodity Fumigation

Rex Pest Control Ltd. can carry out fully professional fumigation services in Ahmedabad for your Indian property or business which will eradicate any type of flying or crawling insects within the premises, with maximum efficiency. We have experts in agro commodity fumigation specializing in conventional and advanced fumigation techniques for grain storage. Gujarat has given wide contribution in agricultural for producing varied grains, cereals, groundnuts, cotton, fruits and vegetables and exporting to the several countries. These tons of commodities exporting to varied countries need to be protected from any deterioration caused by any pest or insect with the aids any of Commodity fumigation which is efficient and effective as well. Commodity fumigation or commercial Fumigation is one of the pest control technique which is effective along with highly efficient. This versatile commodity fumigation treatment is ideal for crate, boxes, pallets, containers, silo, vehicle, ship, mills, marine, etc.

We achieve commodity/commercial fumigation service by employing below chemical: Phosphine

Methyl bromide
Both chemicals have the nature to create concentrations of gas under specific temperatures and pressure, which leads to suffocation and kills the insects inside the box or kernels or in the fumigated area. The process achieves absolute success, only if the right tightness of the gas is achieved by perfect dosage, which is calculated by the area where it is to be applied. A higher amount of the chemical than the required amount can cause damage to the commodities, so as it is recommended to be performed by a professional Commodity fumigation service provider to get absolute efficacy along with the care of your commodities.

Our professional team of commodity fumigation has decades of experience spanning varied industries and has a thorough knowledge of safety regulations and goes beyond what is required to effectively exterminate pests and insects from the commodities. Additionally, strives to pay absolute attention to the detail required for effective Commodity fumigation.

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