Phosphine Fumigation

We as a fumigation pest control service provider employ phosphine fumigation treatment for eliminating pests like beetles, moths, mites, weevils from raw and processed commodities, wherein the aluminum phosphide is in the state of tablets and pouches. In general condition grain do not require fumigation during the first year of its storage, nevertheless when it is matter of exporting, due to the humidity and sometimes due to the residue of pests at the warehouse it demands fumigation. The cause behind deriving selection on the fumigation pest control is, it has potential to act on all insects and every life stage of the insects along with has potential to penetrate each every corner of the warehouse where other cannot reach.

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Why Phoshpine as fumigants for raw and processed commodities:

Phosphine is also known as the hydrogen phosphide is low molecular weight and low boiling point compound that disperses quickly and gets deeply into materials that is why phosphine is used as a fumigant as it can easily penetrate into the kernels of grain and kills the insects effectively. The gas is produced from the formulation of metallic phosphides that boasts additional material that aids in the regulation of releasing the gas.

AIP + 3H2O à PH3^ + Al(OH)3

Mg3P2 + 6H2O à 2PH3^ + 3Mg(OH)2

The time taken by fumigants to work effectively depends on the type of infestation, dosage, temperature, the size of the fumigated space, and some other factors. Tentatively, it takes around 15 days to achieve the best results.

Phosphine fumigant is very toxic to humans, animals, and pests, hence the exposure of humans to phosphine is restricted. That is why it is recommended to perform fumigations only by certified and licensed fumigators.

We are a certified fumigation service provider in Gujarat and are widely acknowledged by our clients due to rendering effective fumigation service by employing a simple and economical procedure. To get in touch, call us @ +91 98983 38888

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