Ship Holds Fumigation

ship holds fumigation service provider in Gujarat
ship holds fumigation service provider
Ship Holds Fumigation

Ship holds are the space in the ships allocated for holding the packaged cargos, crates or unpackaged bulk cargos. Exporters focus on the cargos and crates to make it insects and pests free, and overlook ship holds, but in actually ship holds also need sanitization to ensure insects and pests free products. Ship holds also can be a habitat for insects and pests which can penetrate in cargos and crates when they are placed in the ship hold for the export/import purpose. There are several pest control techniques which lead to apply for getting devoid of insects and pests, among them ship holds fumigation is an effective and efficient choice to eradicate insects and pests from the ship holds.

We achieve ship holds fumigation by employing either of the below chemicals:

Methyl bromide
Our professional team of fumigation professionals aims to create an environment by using methyl bromide or phosphine, which have the potential to concentrate the fumigant gas at a specific temperature, which persists for a sufficient period of time to kill any live infestations. The time required for the effectiveness of the fumigants is completely dependent upon the dosage, temperature, area of the ship hold, and many other factors which varied respective to the context. The completion of the ship holds fumigation process is achieved when all the fumigant gas ventilates completely and removal of residues into the ship holds.

As both gases are toxic, it is recommended to perform ship holds fumigation under the inspection of experts. We as a ship holds fumigation service provider has a team of experienced fumigation professionals who are trained by govt. exterminator and has an ability to achieve 100% results in a very short period of time, unlikely to other fumigation service providers.

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