Warehouse Fumigation

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Warehouse Fumigation

Warehouses are used for storage of commodities or goods, which is a sensible place for the rodents and insect infestation that can cause damage to stored products in the warehouse and deteriorate the products. The damage to such products can lead to tarnish reputation of the brand, where warehouse fumigation comes out as the effective pest control treatment that has a potential to devoid of every stage of insects and pests completely, along with efficacy warehouse fumigation is a cost effective and efficient approach to prevent insects and rodents.

We achieve warehouse fumigation service by employing either of the below chemicals:

Phosphine chemical has a potential to penetrate beneath the kernels and loosely stored products so as effectively works on the insects which have habitat inside the kernels and loosely stored products. It has a potential to kill insects in 2 to 3 days based on the context, likewise rodents in 1 to 2 days after the application of the fumigants. The fumigants used in the warehouse fumigation process are toxic in nature, which can lead several hazards to human who are unaware about the proper application pattern of the fumigants, by considering a toxicity of the chemical and its impact, it is advisable to contact warehouse fumigation professional.

We as a pest control consultancy ensure the perfect fumigation of your warehouse as we are trained fumigation service provider with the huge team of professional who is capable to fumigate hundreds of thousand cubic meters of goods in an effective and a timely manner by employing either of technique from stack fumigation under tarpaulin, fumigating outdoor batch of goods, silos fumigation for bulk goods, fumigating factories, animal feed, wheat processing chain, etc.

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