Wooden Pallets Fumigation

Fumigation of pallets is done in twice methods, namely methyl bromide and heat treatment. Methyl bromide treatment is the procedure of stacking pallets in a sealed chamber, then spraying with a disinfection chemical to kill any bacteria from the wood.

The numerous advantages of the wooden pallets have made it the preferred choice for several intentions like moving goods or commodities from one place to another at ports as well as to prevent damage to the brittle items. But, as these wooden pallets are prone to moisture near to the port, it demands extra consciousness to regulate from varied pests. Among the several pest control treatments, fumigation has proved its effectiveness in a short period of time and has gained immense popularity in the market.

We as a container fumigation service provider immersed in this industry since an overlong period that has facilitated us to sharpen know-how associated with any type of fumigation. Similarly, we boast a profound understanding of the wooden pallets fumigation need and accordingly act on that.

wooden pallets fumigation

Moreover, we as a wooden pallets fumigation service provider ensure that the provided wooden pallets fumigation service is strongly in the conformity of the ISPM15 standard regulation, developed by IPPC (international plant protection convention).

We as an authorized wooden pallets fumigation service provider exploit methyl bromide to diminish the risk of the introduction and spread of invasive quarantine pests that result from the usage of wooden pallets for shipping items span the globe. Moreover, you will get every treated wooden pallets assigned with a unique code that depicts the pallets have undergone the fumigation treatment.

Our ISPM 15 internationally indentified certification mark encompasses:

What we serve wooden pallets fumigation service provider:

Why Rex wooden pallets fumigation service:

Our ISPM wooden pallets fumigation service is available at ports listed below:

Kandla port Mandvi port Mundra port Okha port Positra port Salaya port
Sikka port Bedi port Jamnagar Jodia port Navlakhi port Porbandar port Veraval port
Simar port Pipavav port Jafrabad port Mithivirdi port Bhavnagar port Dahej port
Magdalla port Hazira port Surat port Vansi borsi port Maroli port Tuna port

Note: The time taken by fumigants to work effectively depends on the type of infestation, dosage, temperature, size of the fumigated space, and some other factors.

We are a certified shipping container fumigation service provider in Gujarat and are widely acknowledged by our clients due to rendering effective fumigation service by employing a simple and economical procedure. To get in touch, call us @ +91 98983 38888

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