Shipping Container Fumigation

shipping container fumigation service provider in Gujarat
shipping container fumigation service provider
Shipping Container Fumigation

In the field of exporting, sanitization of products is a very important major of quality which is going to be exported to other countries where pests and insects are playing a role of the culprit. They cause several damages to the goods and degrade the quality of the goods which is unlikely in the exporting business. To ensure the 100% sanitized product, fumigation treatment is wise choice to completely eradicate the problem caused by the pest and insects.

We are an accredited in the field of shipping container fumigation service provider, for rendering effective and economical solution associated with pests and insects that we have achieved by implementing our 32 years of knowledge in the same domain. Our team of shipping container fumigation performs fumigation of the container by using pressure decay or trapped fumigation technique to sanitize varied size of the container like 10”, 20”, 40”, and 45” have a height of 8.6” or 9.6”.

We achieve shipping container fumigation service by employing either of the below chemicals:

Methyl bromide
Using either of above chemical, our professional team of fumigation service provider monitor the shipping container and employ pressure testing of the container to a value, If the container is capable to maintain the value for specific time, then the container is stated as “Gas tight” container which do not required trapping to achieve fumigation, and if the container is not capable to maintain, trapped fumigation technique employed for shipping container fumigation, wherein the container is covered using a gas proof fumigation trap and tighten with the aid of the sand snaked at the entire edges of the cover.

What we serve as shipping container Fumigation service provider:

Why Rex pest control for shipping container Fumigation service:

Our shipping container fumigation service is available at ports listed below:

Kandla port Mandvi port Mundra port Okha port Positra port Salaya port
Sikka port Bedi port Jamnagar Jodia port Navlakhi port Porbandar port Veraval port
Simar port Pipavav port Jafrabad port Mithivirdi port Bhavnagar port Dahej port
Magdalla port Hazira port Surat port Vansi borsi port Maroli port Tuna port

Note: The time taken by fumigants to work effectively depends on the type of infestation, dosage, temperature, size of the fumigated space, and some other factors.

We are a certified shipping container fumigation service provider in Gujarat and are widely acknowledged by our clients due to rendering effective fumigation service by employing a simple and economical procedure. To get in touch, call us @ +91 98983 38888

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