Wood Borer Infestation

Rex Pest Control specialists Ltd. are experts in all areas of diagnosing wood infestation and administering the best wood borer treatment.

Wood borers Infestation the structural & furniture wood to dust & they are popularly known as powder post beetle or wood-eating infanticides.Wood borer infestation timber can be treated. One of the long-term treatments for borer is a residual surface application of an insecticide or preservative substance that will last longer than the lifecycle of the wood borer insect. Utilize the way of professional pest control service is the most effective way to control wood borer treatment and solve issues from your property. An excellent treatment to control wood borers is by applying a wood preservative chemical or an insecticide liquid form. Another solution to prevent wood borer infestation at home. If you have to deal with any wooden items use solvent-based insecticidal bored fluid for the best result on the way to dispose of timber beetles solvent based. The most common wood borer species in India are the common furniture beetle, the powderpost beetle, the Queensland pine beetle, the lesser auger beetle, and the European house borer, There are up to 7 species of wood-boring insects in India that might attack the timbers of your house or other buildings.

How to get rid of during wood borer treatment:

• Wood boring beetles attraction of the moisture area in the wood, try to keep furniture, door and wooden items dry.
• Seal cracks and crevices on wood surfaces area to defer wood borer from breeding.
• Remove infected wood to avoid the infestation from spreading to other areas.

Wood Borer Infestation

Cost-effective wood borer treatment with the convenience strategy

At Rex Pest Control we provide services for Wood Borer Infestation wherein we deal with Wood borer larvae the usage of powder and liquid to treatment of timbers to get rid of borers and other species is present in the process of Wood Borer Pest Control, Adults are medium-sized (3/4 inch long) long-horned brown to black beetles with distinctive gold-yellow markings. insecticide the usage of turpentine additionally prevents adults laying eggs at the surface.

For best results we use turpentine to prevent adults laying eggs on the surface. In ordinary conditions this will protect the wood for many years. The solvent used to carry insecticide deep into the timber will leave a solvent smell for some days. Ventilation will help to squander the odor. It is best to leave this to Rex Pest Control expert. Those injected flight holes are painted, varnished or polished timbers with aerosol injection fluid. This comes complete with a nozzle for fitting into the fight holes. The sprays can forces insecticide into the warren created by the borer larva, killing any larva in the labyrinth or nearby. They love the monsoon dampness. Our experts also checks plumbing leaks and unblocks all air vents since they dampness will also effects the roof and old terracotta or concrete tiles.

Wood borer infestation treatment is an expert’s job and requires extensive inspection. You can’t really assess the damage by yourself. Once the infestation is identified, our pest control experts use special syringes to inject Wood Preservative chemicals into the holes made by the wood borers to combat the wood borer infestation in your wooden furniture. We additionally spray those chemical compounds that incorporate a petrol base to save you further damage. Our chemical compounds are permitted through the Central Insecticide Board for satisfactory consequences and safety. Our good name is your guarantee. Our pest control company will make sure that there is no mess after the application of the medicine something which local competitors won’t offer. Our service is to ensure that we offer the best solution on how to remove wood borer. The usual exterminators or pest control services will just come to your home, spray deadly chemicals and leave, but we at Rex Pest Control will not only help you remove wood borers however additionally provide you with crucial facts about pests in your home as well as hints for preventing future infestations. All of those are performed in an inexpensive rate.

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